Sleepy Sampler Saturday...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

(Note: It's freezing here!! I'm on my porch in a knee-length skirt and polo shirt and I need a quilt wrapped around me!! Whoever heard of 68*F weather in the middle of August?!)

Today has been a sleepy kind of day. I have a mile-long list of intentions, but no energy yet to go get-em. I'd really like to get a couple more blocks made on my sampler.... Yes, the Queen of WIPs is taking on a sampler. Am I crazy? I have wanted to do one for awhile now. I think it would be the best way to learn new techniques bit by bit. I tried designing my own…but didn’t think it would look very good… Plus, there are lots of “mega sampler” pattern books out there—Amish Circle, Dear Jane, Dear Hannah, Civil War Diary, Civil War Love Letters, and Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, just to name a few. I’ve checked all these out over the last year or two, wishing I would dare to take on such a project.

Confession: I am often easily intimidated and overwhelmed. So while I was evaluating these books, the pieced triangles in Dear Jane intimidated me and the nothing-but-foundation-patterns in the Civil War quilt books intimidated me. As a long time reader of Jennifer Chiaverini’s books I knew about Sylvia’s quilt and was intrigued by it, but didn’t seriously consider it until I found the newly published pattern book at my public library.

So, back to this confession of mine. This intimidation often spills over into fabric…I often find that I can’t bear to cut fabric in my stash out of some paralyzing fear that I will waste it, ruin it, or otherwise put it into something that ultimately will never be finished or will be ugly. I can’t bear to cut up all this beautiful fabric in my stash… but I definitely want to USE it!

So I think from now on I will post "Sampler Saturday" posts, and show you my progress. So, here's what I have from last week:


QuiltingB29 said...

If this were FB, I'd like it :). Looks good! I don't have the patience to do all the different blocks in a whole SBS book. Good luck!

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