Bundles of bolts...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here's a question for you fabric lovers out there....

When you go to a fabric shop, let's say a big box store like a Jo-Anns or Hobby Lobby, do you ever fall in love with every stinkin' bolt off the shelf and want to get a quarter yard or half yard of practically everything in the store?

Okay, maybe not every stinkin' bolt. But more than, oh, say, 4.

What do you do? Do you not care and just carry 8 bolts up to the cutting table? Or are you like me and get anxious and think that you're going to look crazy and what about that poor girl who has to re-shelve all these and what about that other woman who might want to see these bolts too and what if you don't have a cart, because then you know you can't possibly carry all these bolts in your arms, and, and, and.....

your head explodes!??!

Does this worry anyone else? Or should I just assume that's what the store is there for and continue on my fabric indulgence spree?


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