Quilt shop excursions

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tuesday I had to take a trip to Lexington and decided to stop at some new quilt shops on my way...

The first shop I visited was The Quilt Box in Dry Ridge. What a treat! The first thing I noticed was a their selection of notions--if you can imagine a ruler for something, they had it. There was literally half a wall full of just square rulers! Patterns were hanging from every pillar and wall and they had a very nice variety. There was also a good variety of Civil War fabrics and not a half-bad assortment of 30's prints! (I have a special fondness for 1930-1940s prints.) My favorite part of the store was the large half-barrel full of "candies"--25 cents for a 9"x9" square! I picked up a couple yardages and 12 candies.

Several miles down the road and back in my favorite town, I stopped at The Quilter's Square. If you visit, I must warn you--you are immediately greeted with a Bernina 830! (For those not familiar, it's like the Rolls Royce of sewing machines. It practically sews by itself.) I registered to win one, since a free handout is the only way I'll ever own one of those puppies, so here's to hoping! This shop was great, too, and is also great for machine embroidery fanatics. I ended up with two store-made charm packs of some 30s prints (about 80-5" squares of different fabrics) and another "candy" that I couldn't pass up--it has band-aids and Rx bottles on it.

I also stopped at The Corner Quilt Shop. Now, I have to admit, this wasn't my favorite shop of the day, because it was a little small. But they did have some Moda jelly rolls and charm packs that I so desperately wanted, but alas, I had spent my fabric budget. (I shouldn't have even gone in the place because of that fact but I just had to check it out!)


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