Phi Kappa Blogga, anyone?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am hesitantly stepping into the blogging world. I have no clue what this will become, and it's a little intimidating! It takes a lot of chutzpah to say "Hello, world, you have no idea who I am but I think you want to hear what I'm going to say."

In one way I feel like I'm rushing some sorority. (Phi Kappa Blogga, anyone?) There are so many women bloggers out there who I am just amazed at. There are some incredibly creative quilters and crafters; some very frugal gals; and some inspiring moms. On one hand I feel like I'll never be quite up to their level, but on the other hand, it shouldn't be about comparisons. It's just journaling what I do and how I do it and sharing it with whoever might be interested.

I just hope someone is interested.

First, I should explain my title--I wanted something short and catchy that would also tell who I am. (After all, I'm Natalie.) My mom is always saying "That Natalie...she's something else" or "That Natalie, I tell you what..." whenever I do something she thinks is amazing. I could write forever about my mom and how important she is to me, so, maybe later. But it was available so, what the hey.

I am a 20-something newlywed...I quilt...I coupon...I work full-time, which is starting to become a nuisance when all I want to do is home-ec things, but we like the paycheck....I like to cook but not as much as I did before I got married, how did that happen?...we don't have kids yet and probably won't start trying for another 18 months or so...I love to read...I'm an "independent" Baptist, which adds a whole meaning and side to my life that would take several posts to explain...

And the chances are high that I'll be blogging about any and all of the above while I figure this out. I don't want to be just a "quilt" blog or a "coupon" blog or a "I write for therapy because my life is crazy" blog. I don't want to peg myself down just yet. We'll see what develops.


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